Leadership and sales happen one conversation at a time.

You are responsible for the quality of this conversation.

AmyK International is the only executive development company focusing exclusively on leadership & sales communication tools in an era of rapid change, needed perspective shifts and decreasing face time.

Critical conversation in your future? We can help. Contact us.

AmyK, Inc. offers a unique perspective and practical approach to show…

  • Executives HOW to be better leaders
  • Sales professionals HOW to produce greater sales
  • Teams HOW to streamline problem-solving, sharpen decision-making,
    and work with greater synergy.

Our Leadership Links Program

Get brilliant results fast! Join AmyK for a two-part program: 5 full days of intense, fun and engaging executive development training to address each critical link: Inquiry, Truth, Energy, Align and Action. Leadership Links are held all around the U.S.

You will maximize your ability to:

  • Reach and Exceed Goals…Faster
  • Integrate Millenials with X-ers and Boomers
  • Turn “Strategy” into Execution Results

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